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Dear Friend,

After more than 25 years in the ophthalmology business I ironically had to lose an eye to be able to see the obvious...

I was NOT really helping people, but rather just covering up the deeper problem.

One day I discovered the work of Dr. W.H. Bates and it profoundly changed my life and my practice as an optical doctor. It shooked me to the core when I realized:

Dr. William H. Bates
Dr. William H. Bates
Let me assure you...

If you want to reverse Myopia, Hyperopia and other serious conditions, and at the same time restore your vision naturally without expensive and harmful surgery, then you don't want to miss the insights I'm going to reveal here...

But before we delve deeper into my discoveries let's...

“ Listen To What Other People Have To Say..."

People write me all the time telling me how grateful they are to finally being able to escape their life-long dependency on glasses and contacts...

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Donald Clark
Washington DC

"I highly recommend your program!"

"Hi Doctor! I want to give a personal testimonial and highly recommend your program for anyone that wants to improve their vision. I have been suffering from short-sightness since a very young age. I was considering laser surgery but it’s expensive and dangerous. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest program, my vision improved to a degree that I hardly need to wear contacts anymore"

Encyclopaedia britannica 2011


“No, It's NOT A Big Conspiracy...”

Many people wonder why their doctor or optometrist never informed them about natural alternatives to expensive and harmful contacts, glasses, and laser eye surgery...

With more than 25 years in the field I can assure you... it's not a big fat greedy conspiracy between doctors, optometrist, and the optometry industry.

Most doctors and optometrist out there are good people who want nothing but the best for their patients. I should know because I was like that for years... kept in the dark by ignorance.

What I'm saying is this:

Education is a wonderful thing, but the downside of filling your head with "knowledge" is that it makes less room for being open to alternatives.

Mostly every eye doctor and optometrist truly believe that THEY KNOW BEST... and quite frankly, they have to... The grim alternative is to face a life crises (like I did), and the complete breakdown of their current life and practice.

The optometry industry is one thing... but it's no use blaming your doctor or optometrist for being ignorant. Rather be happy you've been lucky enough to stumble upon this quick and reliable way to regain your natural vision abilities.

Because, it's a sad fact that...

Of course, Dr. Bates realized this over 90 years ago...

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“If glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse. Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.”

Wm H Bates: Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920      

Here are some quotes from more recent research...

  “ Minus lenses (glasses) are the most common approach, yet the least likely to prevent further myopic progression (nearsightedness). Unfortunately, they increase the near point stress that is associated with progression. ”

May, 1984. Optometric Extension Program Foundation      

  “The use of compensatory lenses (glasses and contacts) to treat or neutralize the symptoms does not correct the problem. The current education and training of eye care practitioners discourages preventive and remedial treatment.”

Gottlieb, 1982. Journal of Optometry and Visual Development      

Here's a simple way you can prove this for yourself:

Put on your glasses or contacts and do some close work for two hours and then check your unaided vision... You'll see only half of what you did two hours ago.

It's really a tragedy that children and other people showing mere signs of myopia are prescribed steel framed "remedies" that will harm them for life when a perfectly natural alternative is available...

"But Wait... What About Laser Eye Surgery?"

Perhaps you're thinking; "I'll just look into corrective eye surgery so I don't have to worry about my vision being affected by glasses or contacts".

Unfortunately, surgery is both expensive and has proven itself to be a risky and troublesome alternative...

A full eye surgery procedure will cost upwards of $5000, and there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that you will not need your glasses again within a few months of a perfectly successful operation.

In fact, there has been numerous reports of temporary improvement that relapse into even worse conditions a few months after surgery.

And then there is the serious concern about side effects like...

Seeing Halos Around Lights at Nighttime..

Worsened Vision..

Constant Eye Infections..

Permanent Blindness..

Perhaps you already knew this but...

In 2008, the FDA actually officially stated that they would do a full re-evaluation of the safety of laser eye surgery, specifically due to the high amount of complaints it receives on the subject every month.

What you also might not know is that on top of the huge surgery expenses you'll pay, you'll also be bothered with inconvenient doctor visits for months after the treatment...

Now, pay careful attention:

You already have the ability to improve your vision - naturally...

You just need to know the latest and most effective way to fine-tune and naturally heal the amazing instrument that is the human eye.

More about that in a little while...

First, let's take a brief look at what causes your vision problems in the first place...

When you were born, doctors didn't check your eyesight as they pulled you from your mother's womb. And, guess what? Eventually, you learned to crawl and walk, without the use of glasses. Didn't you?

Here's another example to consider...

If you've been to remote locations such as the Amazon or have seen T.V. shows that film the way natives live in the wild. You may have seen them how they hunt for food, build tools and make crafts. But, you'll never see these naturalists squint their eyes, or struggle to focus on their prey.

So, if you didn't need glasses as a small child and neither do those living in the wild; then why are many people today so dependent on wearing glasses or contacts?

“The Overlooked And Ultra-Simple Cause
Of Vision Problems Revealed!”

Simply put... Vision problems are a learned trait. It's all about good or bad habits!

Through careful examination and experimentation with thousands of patients Dr. William H. Bates made the astonishing discovery that most vision problems are due to bad habits that people have developed in the process of seeing.

Habitual/Unconscious/Learned "misuse" of the eyes...

This is the major underlying cause of vision problems, and it soon develops into a vicious spiral... Dr. William H. Bates says:

"It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see, and that with the relief of this strain the action of the muscles becomes normal and all errors of refraction disappear." - Perfect Sight Without Glasses, Ch 9.

However, here's the good news:

You can reverse this "evil spiral" and eliminate these "bad habits" by simply learning and practicing the correct way to see for a few small minutes a day...

“Helping You Improve Eye Sight - Naturally!”

For many years, I owned an ophthalmology practice. In fact, in my city, I've won many awards for having the most prestigious optical business in town.

After learning of my accomplishments as a leading optical doctor, people were shocked when I left my practice to help vision sufferers improve their eyesight - naturally.

Since then I've spent many years perfecting my system that exploits a previously unknown short-cut to get your vision back, naturally and forever.

You see, since working with Dr. Bates' system, I've helped hundreds of people get rid of their glasses, for good. I've even helped 80 years olds and older develop 20-20 vision. And, I can do the same for you.

It doesn't matter if you've been wearing glasses since preschool... If you are not totally blind, my refinement of Dr. Bates method can work for you. And get this...

This "Dr. Bates 2.0" method applies to almost all visual problems, including:

Near-Sightedness (Myopia)
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)
Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
Tension Headache
Light Sensitivity
Poor Night Vision
And More...

In the words of a former patient of mine...

“This is Dr. Bates On Steroids!”

In my Vision Without Glasses™ program you'll be taken by the hand, as I walk you through the ultra-simple step-by-step program to improve your vision in just 1 - 3 months...

Vision Without Glasses™

Regular Price $297 Today $37
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Here's the secret:

After my initial discovery I've since spent years developing Dr. Bates original vision improving concepts into a super-charged program that's bound to make you see sharper and clearer in only a few short weeks.

In Vision Without Glasses™ you'll discover...

15-minutes-a-day action plan to literally FORCE your entire visual system to work as a cohesive unit to self-correct and promote crystal clear sight and naturally regain perfect 20/20 vision in 1 - 3 months!

The grave mental danger posed by "authoritarian" doctors and optometrists, and a simple 3-second "trick" to brush off their sticky negative influence in a heartbeat... (hint: you want placebo to work in YOUR favor, and not the other way around!)

The proper way to use glasses and contacts without ruining your progress towards the natural state of vision without glasses...

A deadly diagnostic mistake made by most doctors and optometrists concerning the difference between strained and stressed eyesight... and how to correct both ailments from the comfort of your own home!

Fool-proof 60-second relief from headaches and eye strain without drugs, pills, or other harmful chemicals...

The natural confidence enjoyed by people with perfect vision PLUS the knowingness that you've mastered something most people would consider "a miracle"...(a young patient jokingly compared it to Clark Kent versus Superman...)

"I admit it sounds like a great program... But does it really work like you say it will?"

Why don't we ask some more people that question...


Henry White

"My eyes felt renewed and reborn!"

"I thought I would live the rest of my life with glasses. My experience since I started your program was amazing.

I went through all the program at first because it was the fastest way for me to learn what it is about. After reading everything I started the program and my eyes felt renewed in just a few days - as if they were reborn."
Henry White

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George Fenech
London, England

"I feel like I am 10 years younger..."

"Ever since I started your vision program, my vision has literally improved over night. I used to wear spectacles all the time but now I'm already getting used to live without them. It's difficult to explain but I feel like I am 10 years younger.

Thanks for the program. I am totally impressed and satisfied."
George Fenech

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Olga Akhatova
Moscow, Russia

"No need for surgery thanks to you!"

"If you think that you can't get rid of your glasses without surgery you are wrong! I almost gave up to live with glasses, fortunately I did not. Vision without Glasses is the helping hand that will help you to free yourself from prescription glasses the natural and easy way!"


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Still Not Convinced? Get This...

Even the American Optometric Association has been forced to admit these things!

Check out these revealing quotes buried deep in their own journals...

"Visual acuity can be improved by visual training..."

“There is acceptable evidence that in motivated subjects, even myopes with greater than two diopters refractive error, visual acuity can be improved by visual training.”


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"The evidence is conclusive..."

“Thousands of young men applying for admission to the various branches of the armed forces discovered that they could not meet the visual requirements. As a result of visual training, most successfully passed the visual requirements of the service that had previously rejected them. The evidence is conclusive that optometric methods of visual training improve the acuity of most myopes.”


Even more feedback from the countless people I've been able to help with my program:


Tony Brawnovic
Costa Rica

"Two months and I am 20/20!"

"Just a quick thank you. I bought your program in Mid December, in hopes I could be glasses free by summer. My vision was almost 20/30 in both eyes. In a little over two months and I am 20/20, which is the average! What a product!

Thank you doesn't feel sufficient enough. Please use this testimony as my sincere gratitude."
Tony Brawnovic

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John Brown

"My eyes have greatly improved!"

"I have been wearing glasses since I was a kid. After hearing about your system from my friends I was very skeptic but eager to try it at the same time. 3 weeks in the program and my eyes have greatly improved.

How can such an easy to follow system make such a big difference without eye surgery? "


Here's How You Too Can Jump Onboard The
Fast Track To 20/20 Perfect Vision!

The value of this program is simple -- you get a highly refined, uniquely developed, and deadly efficient system that will restore your natural 20/20 vision in as little as a month or two from now...

We both know that every day that goes by wearing those darn contacts or glasses is only making your vision problem worse... Not to speak about the annual cost of this unfortunate lifestyle...

We've also seen that a laser operation is just too darn risky, and it will definitely cost you an arm and a leg (and in many cases... quite literally the very eyes you wanted to fix!)

Instead of throwing your hard-earned money away to ignorant doctors and optometrists wouldn't it be much better to make a one time investment in yourself and get rid of the problem once and for all!

Considering the yearly costs you're already incurring with glasses, contacts, doctors, and optometrists I could easily charge at least $97.00 for this program... and it would still be a bargain!

However, you can gain access to this amazing program for a measly one-time investment of only $37.

That's Why You're Getting
Such A Good Deal

Just picture having the complete knowledge and power to turn your life around and escape the tyranny of glasses, contacts, and doctors forever!

When I meet former patients on the street they always tell me what a major boost in confidence it is to have perfect vision, and how much more fulfilling their life has become because of this program...

It's really like the

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start of a new life
for most people!

But here's the best part...

I've decided to make this offer completely risk free with my...

Unconditional 60-Day 100%
Money Back Guarantee

Perhaps you're thinking... "What happens if this wasn't for me... or I don't like your program... Or I just want my money back... or if it for some reason doesn't work for me?"

What's so great about this offer is that you are not going to risk anything anyway. I'm so certain you'll be happy with this program that I'm willing to take all the risk on me...

So, get Vision Without Glasses™ and go through it immediately...

If after 10 minutes, you don't feel you've already gotten your money's worth, I DEMAND you contact me... and I'll return your every penny of your purchase...quietly and promptly...

No questions asked.

As you can see, you only stand to gain by acting on this immediately.

I also invite you to contact me as often as you want, by email, to discuss any questions you might have. In return, I promise to give you the best I can. So, give it to yourself to try Regina belle this is love regina belle dream in color mp3 andrew belle mp3
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Vision Without Glasses™
now, risk free.

Okay, so let's talk about RISK here for a minute...

I've clearly demonstrated that you only risk wasting 10 minutes of your life with my personal money-back guarantee above. Now... Lets talk about...

3 Things You Risk If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Offer Today

1. You risk living with your worsening condition for the rest of your life because you could not afford to spend 10 minutes on this offer...

2. You risk wasting large amounts of cash on clueless doctors, optometrists, and "remedies" that only make the problem worse over time...

3. You risk having to purchase this program for $67 in the future instead of saving $30 and get started today!

To make this offer a no-brainer, I've decided to sweeten it up a bit. So I've thrown in some specific bonuses that are complimentary to the program and will make things easier for you...

3 Special Bonuses

If you order now, you will also get the below bonuses at no additional costs..

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses

Eye Charts
Bonus #2

Kick-Ass Eye Charts

Keep updated on your progress with a system of formulated charts that gauge your visual fitness.

- Classic Eye Chart.
- Interactive Eye Chart Generator.
- Letter Rows & Grid of random tumbling E's.
- 10 charts for practicing fusion, convergence & divergence.
- Astigmatic Mirror.

Unlimeted Support
Bonus #3

So, what are you waiting for...

Order Vision Without Glasses™ Now!

Alkitab blackberry 8520 free Vision Without Glasses™ is for those who are seeking a dramatic improvement in their eyesight and their overall emotional and physical health and happiness.

It also comes with an Unconditional 60 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee - because I'm sure that you will not regret your decision.

To get started, simply El padrino dvdrip descargar at the limited time price.

Vision Without Glasses™ is in digital format (PDF) which means there is no need to wait for it to arrive. You'll be able to learn exactly how you can improve your eyesight, in less than a minute from now.

Do yourself a favor and don't wait. Vision Without Glasses™ is the first and maybe the only chance to get freedom and detachment from worrying about your failing eyesight, again.

Duke Peterson

P.S.: Take action now,and get the super discount including 3 bonuses!

P.P.S.: 20-20 perfect vision is within your reach, no matter how young or old you are. As long as you have some sight, Vision Without Glasses™ will help you see again. Guaranteed, or you get back every penny of your purchase!

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