Florida Permit Test

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  • 4 hour drug and alcohol course

    What’s In It for You?

    Here's what you'll love about this Worry-Free Online Driver's Ed Course:

    • It’s Entertaining—Have fun while you learn
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      No Boring Classrooms—Study anywhere you like
    • Avoid Long Lines—Take your Permit Exam online too
    • You’ll Be a Better Driver—making the roads safer to travel

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    Why You Need This Course

    This course also satisfies the requirements for:

    • Florida First-Time Driver's Course
    • Florida Drug & Alcohol Course
    • Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training (ADAPT)

    Enjoy the Extra Freedom Audio Provides!

    Break away from your desk and listen to the course.

    Listen to a sample

    Why You’ll Like Us Better

    You’re in Good Company
    with Our Company

    • Thousands of satisfied
      first-time drivers
    • Really helpful customer service
    • The most convenient and affordable course in the industry

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  • Try Our Worry-Free Florida Online Combo

    Drug & Alcohol Course + Easy Permit Exam

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  • $39.95*Save $4

    * Plus $6.95 State & Certificate Processing Fee